Village Lengthman

28 March 2017 Categories: Parish Council

Carleton-in-Craven Parish Council

Clerk: Mr John W. Preston, 18, Beech Hill Road, Carleton-in-Craven, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 3EN.

Tel: 01756 795435.






An immediate vacancy exists for the position of Village Lengthman.

The duties and conditions are basically as follows:-

1, Collecting litter throughout the village within the 30 mph road signs and managing the two dog waste bins situated in the fields near Aire View and the church.

2, Sweeping pavements and gutters of seasonal leaves, blossom and seeds principally in the vicinity of The Plantation, West Road, Main Street, The Ginnel to Dale Road and Hall Bridge.

3, Clearing strategic pavements of snow and ice when required between the Pharmacy to the bus stop, the mill and The Swan Inn to the Swan Street Amenity Area , Louvain Terrace, the Village Hall and Oxford Terrace.

The work must be carried out on two fixed days of three hours each

or one fixed day of six hours excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

All equipment will be provided by the Parish Council and a safety vest must be worn at all times.

The position is open for anyone aged 18 and above with a current rate of pay at age 21 of £7.60 per hour with a review in May each year. Pay may be taxable depending on the applicant’s circumstances. Paid holiday entitlement is the equivalent of six weeks per year. All other absenteeism is unpaid.

Anyone wishing to apply or requiring further particulars should contact the Clerk to the Parish Council at the above address.


John W. Preston

Clerk to the Parish Council

14th March 2017