The Council

It has long been the aim of the Parish Council to make the process of grass roots local government more transparent and to engage better with members of the village ward. This website is part of that journey and in its first iteration, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions for how this utility can best the serve the community as a whole.

What We Do

The Parish Council is made up of members of the village (subject to the required residency and other qualifications) and forms the first tier of local government for residents and is one of nearly 9,000 such statutory bodies in England and Wales. The Council’s funding is by way of a ‘precept’ – an amount raised by taxation (via the Council Tax) and passed from Craven District to Carleton twice yearly.

This money is then allocated for services such a street lighting, highway cleaning, mowing and grass cutting of verges and upkeep of various Parish Council owned facilities (to name but a few of the calls on funds). One thing that the precept is not used for is funding individual councillors. No Carleton-in-Craven PC Councillor is paid for their work on the council. Another aspect of the PC’s work is receiving planning applications and passing comments and recommendations to Craven District Council’s Planning Department.

Philip Holmes


Philip has lived in Carleton for nine years and is proud to be part of this excellent community. He is the Chair of the Village Hall Management Committee and a member of the Carleton Archive team. He is currently creating a video archive of the residents' memories of Carleton in past years. He feels that we have great community spirit in Carleton and is honoured to be part of that community.

Sarah Churcher


Sarah has lived in Carleton for over 35 years.  Married to Jamie, together they have 2 young children and are pleased to be active members of the wider community.  Sarah has worked as a Solicitor in the financial services industry for more than 10 years and became a member of the Parish Council in 2016.


Nigel Brown


Nigel has lived in Carleton most of his life. He is married, with two children and has been a member of Parish Council since 2006. He works at Rolls Royce as an Ultrasonic Inspector, recently completing thirty five years service.  Nigel is also Chairman of the Planning Sub Committee of the Parish Council.

John Waterhouse


John was born in Ripon, where he spent the first five years of his life. The family then moved to Keighley and he remained there for the next twenty five years. He trained as a pharmacist and after working in a hospital for a year, joined a well known chain of pharmacies as a pharmacist/manager and remained with them until retirement.

John is married with two children and moved to Carleton in 1982.

David Williams


David moved to the village in 2014 and began work at the local school soon after. He is married to Sarah and they have a son, Jake. He works for a local video production company and the BBC. He became clerk to the parish council in 2021.

Robert Mason


Robert moved to the village from Coniston Cold some 44 years ago and has lived here ever since. Married to Margaret, he has two grown up children. He is a long serving member of the Parish Council.

Nicolas Clayton-Stead


Nick has lived in Carleton since 1984. He is married to Faith with two grown up children. Nick has been a director of a local accountancy firm and worked as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser for 38 years before retiring in 2018. Nick is also Chairman of the Trustees of Spence’s Court Hospital Charity, the almshouses in Carleton.