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Conclusion of Audit

20 September 2018

The Parish Council is required to produce and display a Conclusion of Annual Audit notification.  To see this year’s document, please click here – Conclusion Of Audit 2018

Annual Governance (& Audit) Statement 2018

7 June 2018

To view the Parish Council’s Governance Statement for 2018, please click on the link below.

Annual Governance Statement 2018

2017 – 18 Parish Council Accounts

30 May 2018

The Parish Council accounts for the last year have just been signed off by both our auditor and the Chairman at the Annual Parish Council meeting held 23rd May.  These may be viewed by clicking on the file below.  In order to get all the pages together, they have been photographed and appear as a ‘slideshow’; all that needs to be done to view a page for some time is to pause the ‘show’ and press play again to recommence viewing.

If there are any questions regarding the accounts, please direct these to John Preston, Clerk to Parish Council, by email :, or in writing to 18 Beech Hill Road, Carleton-in-Craven, BD23 3EN.

Burglary Warning

29 March 2018

We would like to draw your attention to headline in today’s (29th March 2018) Craven Herald regarding the recent spate of buglaries in the area.  Whilst those reported on are not within the village, it is a timely reminder to do a little ‘spring clean’ with regard to domestic security matters and remember that once an area does fall victim to one such attack, others follow quickly.  Let’s make sure it isn’t our turn next.

Please be alert to anything/one that looks out of the ordinary and unusal, or suspicious and report the matter to the Police immediately.

** UPDATE ** Grundy Farm Carleton, Planning Application (17/2017/17886)

29 March 2018

The Parish Council (PC) was addressed by a group of residents at the January meeting and asked for support in obtaining information from Craven District Council (CDC) Planning Department.  The PC sent the following letter several days after the meeting, by registered (Signed For) post:

Development Management,

Craven District Council,

1, Belle Vue Square,

Broughton Road,


North Yorkshire,

BD23 1FJ.


6 February 2018,


Dear Sir/Madam,





Could you explain why no decision has as yet been reached on the above application when the Heritage Report, the NYCC’s decision on the proposed entrance and your own Craven Local Plan’s comments on large developments on the outskirts of settlements, effectively condemned the application to receive a refusal?


The Parish Council wish to know when your Council is likely to make a decision on the above planning application. Due to the nature of the application this delay is creating unacceptable levels of concern and distress, especially amongst parishioners living close to the proposed development site.


Could you also confirm the number of new houses required in the Parish up to 2032?

A glance through the Draft Craven Local Plan appears to suggest that it is an average of 3 per year or a total of 54 by 2032.


The Heritage Report compiled for the above application was particularly scathing regarding your decisions on three other applications ie. 17/2008/9164 – Conversion of barn to 2 residential units and construction of 3 new dwellings with associated parking at Grundy Farm; 17/2016/17039 – Conversion and extension of existing joiners workshop to 2 houses. Joiners Workshop, Park Lane and 17/2017/17560 – Construct 4 houses and garages on land at Park Lane.


Will you be taking action to amend these applications in light of the recommendations in the Heritage Report and the NYCC’s decision regarding the highway safety aspect? If no alterations are to be recommended, perhaps you will explain why.


Yours faithfully,


Clerk to the Parish Council.

We received no response to this.  At the next PC meeting later in February, a further chasing letter and email was sent.  The PC met last night (28th March 2018) and no response had been received at that time.  The minutes of the meeting will show that the PC took the unanimous view that a formal complaint should be lodged with CDC.   However, on the morning of 29th March (today), the following email was received by John Preston, Clerk to the PC:

Dear Mr Preston,

I refer to your letter of 6 February 2018 regarding the planning application at Grundy Farm.

I am advised that the applicant’s Highways Advisor’s have been liaising with the County Highway Authority over a protracted period with a view to overcoming the highway objection.

The applicant’s have also been reviewing the heritage issues.

It is expected that revised plans will be submitted shorty.

I would then propose to re-consult on any revised submission.

Until such time as revised plans are submitted I cannot advise of a Committee date.

The on-going dialogue is entirely consistent with the Government Guidance in paragraph 187 of the National Planning Policy Framework and the Council would be open to criticism for not looking for solutions.

Your understanding of the Local Plan housing provision is correct, although that will be subject to independent review by the Inspector later this year.

The Council are not in a position to revisit the other permissions you refer to unless the applicant’s choose to submit further applications.

I trust this clarifies the position.

If you wish to discuss further please contact me.




Neville Watson

Planning Manager (Development Management)

t: 01756706402

The PC will discuss this response at the next meeting, though given its contents and the general unease reported to the PC, regarding this application, it was decided to share this information publicly as soon as possible.

Carleton Community Land Trust / (Former BT) Telephone Box, Swann Street

29 December 2017



The Parish Council is to embark on the construction of two community led bungalows on its amenity land situated at New Street, West Road.

It has successfully applied for funding to set up a Community Land Trust to oversee the development of the site including the construction of the bungalows and who will ultimately occupy them.

Applications are invited from residents of the Parish to become a member of the Trust. It is envisaged that meetings of the Trust will be held approximately six times per year and will involve working in conjunction with a yet to be appointed Housing Association that will take the project through the design, planning and construction stages.

Anyone wishing to be considered to be a member of the Trust should apply in writing to the Clerk to the Parish Council at the above address no later than Tuesday, the 30 January 2018.



The above telephone box is now owned by the Parish Council and will shortly be available once BT has removed its equipment and fitted a new glass panel.

Suggestions are invited as to what use could be made of the forner telephone box; examples of uses other Parish Councils have found for these boxes are homes for defibrillators, book exchanges, minin-library, art gallery etc.

Please send you ideas to the Clerk to the Parish Council, at either of the above addresses below, no later than Tuesday, the 30 January 2018.

John W Preston,

Clerk to the Parish Council., or Mr J Preston, Clerk to Parish Council, 18, Beech Hill Road, Carleton-in-Craven, BD23 3EN.

Conclusion of Audit

4 September 2017

The Parish Council is required to produce and display a Conclusion of Annual Audit notification.  To see this year’s document, please click here – Conclusion of Audit 2017

2016/17 Annual Report

29 May 2017

Annual Report 2016 to 2017

The above link will allow the viewer to downlaod and read the latest Parish Council Annual Report.


Public Meeting Monday 3rd April, 19:45

2 April 2017


A public meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Monday, the 3rd of April 2017, commencing at 7.45 pm.

The sole purpose of the meeting will be to allow residents of the Parish to view and comment on the following planning application:-

17/2017/17886 – Outline application for residential development on land to the south of Grundy Farm, West Road, Carleton-in-Craven.

The meeting will be chaired by Richard Simpson, the Chairman of the Parish Council.

John W. Preston,

Clerk to the Parish Council,


Village Lengthman

28 March 2017

Carleton-in-Craven Parish Council

Clerk: Mr John W. Preston, 18, Beech Hill Road, Carleton-in-Craven, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 3EN.

Tel: 01756 795435.






An immediate vacancy exists for the position of Village Lengthman.

The duties and conditions are basically as follows:-

1, Collecting litter throughout the village within the 30 mph road signs and managing the two dog waste bins situated in the fields near Aire View and the church.

2, Sweeping pavements and gutters of seasonal leaves, blossom and seeds principally in the vicinity of The Plantation, West Road, Main Street, The Ginnel to Dale Road and Hall Bridge.

3, Clearing strategic pavements of snow and ice when required between the Pharmacy to the bus stop, the mill and The Swan Inn to the Swan Street Amenity Area , Louvain Terrace, the Village Hall and Oxford Terrace.

The work must be carried out on two fixed days of three hours each

or one fixed day of six hours excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

All equipment will be provided by the Parish Council and a safety vest must be worn at all times.

The position is open for anyone aged 18 and above with a current rate of pay at age 21 of £7.60 per hour with a review in May each year. Pay may be taxable depending on the applicant’s circumstances. Paid holiday entitlement is the equivalent of six weeks per year. All other absenteeism is unpaid.

Anyone wishing to apply or requiring further particulars should contact the Clerk to the Parish Council at the above address.


John W. Preston

Clerk to the Parish Council

14th March 2017