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Conclusion of Audit

20 September 2018

The Parish Council is required to produce and display a Conclusion of Annual Audit notification.  To see this year’s document, please click here – Conclusion Of Audit 2018

Burglary Warning

29 March 2018

We would like to draw your attention to headline in today’s (29th March 2018) Craven Herald regarding the recent spate of buglaries in the area.  Whilst those reported on are not within the village, it is a timely reminder to do a little ‘spring clean’ with regard to domestic security matters and remember that once an area does fall victim to one such attack, others follow quickly.  Let’s make sure it isn’t our turn next.

Please be alert to anything/one that looks out of the ordinary and unusal, or suspicious and report the matter to the Police immediately.

Road Works Disruption

2 October 2016

The Parish Council would like to draw the village’s attention to the North Yorkshire Highways’ signs advising that Lime House Lane (Ramper) will be closed for 4 (four) weeks with effect from 17th October.  We have not been provided with any further details at this stage, however we understand that the road will not be closed for the entire time of the works are being undertaken (for example only closed during the day when workmen are present).

2015/16 Audit

2 October 2016

The Parish Council is required to publish the results of the annual audit.  To see this, please click here.

Planning Application No 17/2016/16571 Carla Beck Farm

26 June 2016

Below is the content of a letter issued by the Craven District Council Planning Department, in relation to the above planning application.  Please note the date of the meeting and time.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Application Number:


Further to my recent letter

Craven District Council , Development Control Services , 1 Belle Vue Square , Broughton Road , SKIPTON , BD23 1FJ

Telephone: 01756 700600 E-mail:

Please address correspondence on this matter to: Andrea Muscroft, Planning Officer

Our Ref: 17/2016/16571 24 June 2016

Proposal: Location:

Outline Application With All Matters Reserved For Residential Development Of 0.9ha

Carla Beck Farm, Carla Beck Lane, Carleton, Skipton, BD23 3BU

acknowledging your comments on the above proposal, I am writing to inform you that the above application is an item on the agenda at the next Planning Committee on 04 July 2016. The meeting will commence at 1.35 pm in the Belle Vue Suite, Craven District Council, 1 Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton, BD23 1FJ.
If you are not already aware, there is the opportunity for applicants, agents and objectors to address the Planning Committee prior to consideration of the application at the Committee meeting. A leaflet detailing further information and the procedure to follow can be downloaded at In particular would draw your attention to the fact that only one person may speak on behalf of each of the following interested parties: –

i)  The Objectors

ii) The Parish Council/Meeting

iii) The Applicant/Supporters

If there are a number of you who have an interest in the application (e.g. there are several objectors who would like to speak) you are strongly advised to co-ordinate your statements prior to the Committee Meeting, and thus avoid confusion and delay at the meeting. Please note that each speaker has up to five-minutes to speak.

The Council’s Officers are impartial and this impartiality should be maintained. As such I regret that they are unable to advise anyone about what they should say when addressing the Committee.

If you will be attending the Committee Meeting I would be grateful if you could contact Chris Waterhouse (Committee Clerk) by telephone (01756 706235) or by letter prior to the meeting.

Yours faithfully

Mr Ian Swain
Development Control Manager

Joanne Bosher-Norcliffe
Local Land Charges/Technical Support Manager

t: 01756 706351

Parish Council Annual Report 2015 – 2016

18 May 2016

Please find (below) a link to the latest annual report.

Annual Report 2015 to 2016 

Local Plan Consultation Extended (Craven District Council)

11 May 2016

Public consultation on the Craven Local Plan extended until 31st May 2016

Consultation on the draft Local Plan was organised from the 5th April until 17th May 2016. This 6 week consultation period has now been extended until 31st May 2016.
The Planning Policy Team are interested to hear what people like about the draft Local Plan, what needs changing, why it needs to be changed, and how. Any suggestions are welcome. Over the last 6 weeks we have had many comments from residents, groups, statutory consultees etc. The Planning Policy Team have also run busy public drop in events at Settle, Skipton, Bentham and Glusburn. Another 4 events have been planned at:
Ingleton Community Centre: Tuesday 17th May, 4pm-7pm
St Peter’s Methodist Church, Crosshills: Thursday 19th May, 4pm-7pm
Victoria Hall, Settle: Monday 23rd May, 5pm-7pm
Town Hall Annexe, Skipton: Thursday 26th May, 4pm-7pm
The draft Local Plan sets out a pool of sites options with potential for housing, employment and mixed uses throughout settlements within the plan area; Spatial Strategy options and policies. Each of these three aspects of the Local Plan have also been subject to sustainability appraisal.

Informal consultation up to publication of the Plan is the last opportunity to influence the content of the plan before it is formally published in September 2016 and submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination in December 2016. The government requires Local Planning Authorities to produce Local Plans by early 2017. Once the plan is published, comments or representations should only relate to the tests of soundness and other legal requirements, rather than its content. These representations will then be dealt with by an independent inspector during the Examination in Public.

The new draft Local Plan consultation documents and a feedback form can be found our web page here Hard copies are also available to view at Council Offices at Belle View Square and at libraries.

Please contact the Planning Policy Team with any queries relating to the draft Local Plan consultation.