Carleton Community Land Trust / (Former BT) Telephone Box, Swann Street

29 December 2017 Categories: General News Parish Council



The Parish Council is to embark on the construction of two community led bungalows on its amenity land situated at New Street, West Road.

It has successfully applied for funding to set up a Community Land Trust to oversee the development of the site including the construction of the bungalows and who will ultimately occupy them.

Applications are invited from residents of the Parish to become a member of the Trust. It is envisaged that meetings of the Trust will be held approximately six times per year and will involve working in conjunction with a yet to be appointed Housing Association that will take the project through the design, planning and construction stages.

Anyone wishing to be considered to be a member of the Trust should apply in writing to the Clerk to the Parish Council at the above address no later than Tuesday, the 30 January 2018.



The above telephone box is now owned by the Parish Council and will shortly be available once BT has removed its equipment and fitted a new glass panel.

Suggestions are invited as to what use could be made of the forner telephone box; examples of uses other Parish Councils have found for these boxes are homes for defibrillators, book exchanges, minin-library, art gallery etc.

Please send you ideas to the Clerk to the Parish Council, at either of the above addresses below, no later than Tuesday, the 30 January 2018.

John W Preston,

Clerk to the Parish Council., or Mr J Preston, Clerk to Parish Council, 18, Beech Hill Road, Carleton-in-Craven, BD23 3EN.